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TMAU and Diet

People with TMAU suffer from a failure to properly break down trimethylamine. As trimethylamine builds up in the body, it is excreted through sweat, breath, and even vaginal secretions. Many current treatment plans ask sufferers of TMAU to limit the intake of food with trimethylamine or trimethylamine precursors (choline, lecithin, and l-carnitine).

An example of foods people with TMAU are asked to avoid includes:

Red meats (beef, pork, ham, lamb, veal, and any processed meats that contain red meat)
Full fat diary products (whole milk, eggs, yogurt, cream cheese, and butter)
Soy beans
Wheat germ
Chicken and turkey
Cruciferous vegetables
(cauliflower, broccoli, and brussels sprouts)
Peanuts and beans

This is not an all inclusive list. It would almost be easier to list the few foods that people with TMAU can eat with no worries that to create a prohibitive list.

As if this wasn’t enough, people are unable to live without nutrients like choline. This creates a dreaded catch-22 for people with TMAU. On the one hand, any of these foods can trigger their condition. On the other, without these foods they will become ill and possibly even die.

Some research has supported the use of vitamin B2 supplements to help decrease odor. Others online have reported that drinking kombucha has helped decrease TMAU odor, but there is currently no research that supports this.